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    Scandroid’s debut full-length album turned the synthwave world on its head, introducing a level of imagination and top-tier production rarely heard in the genre. Klayton, the artist behind beloved electronic rock and metal projects Celldweller and Circle of Dust, crafted a 14-track masterwork on his self-titled Scandroid debut, and there’s no better way to enjoy it than with this handsome vinyl edition. This release includes the complete original album as well as bonus tracks like Dance with the Dead’s popular remix of "Neo-Tokyo."

    Featuring the high-quality packaging and materials that FiXT is known for, this deluxe edition is a double-LP release in a gatefold cover with a premium art booklet containing printed lyrics. FiXT has pressed the 12-inch album on audiophile-grade 180 gram, 33 rpm vinyl, making it an essential release for Scandroid fans and synthwave vinyl collectors alike.

    On its initial release, Scandroid reached number one on the iTunes Electronic Album chart and landed in the top five for Billboard Electronic Album sales. It remains one of the most played full-album uploads on NewRetroWave’s popular YouTube channel, gaining over two million streams to date.

    Release Date: March 25th, 2019

    Includes unlimited streaming of Scandroid via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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Scandroid, the modern Synthwave project from Detroit based artist/producer Klayton, best known for his multi-genre project Celldweller, is Klayton’s love letter to the 80s.

The debut, self-titled album features 15 tracks, ranging from the driving instrumental energy of "Destination Unknown," to melodic vocal tracks like "Awakening With You," "Aphelion," and "Neo-Tokyo," rounded out with the cinematic epics "2517" & "Singularity." As a child of the 80s, Klayton has also included a cover of the classic Tears For Fears song "Shout," that he has been patiently waiting to cover since he first heard the song on U.S. radio in 1985. The digital album concludes with a bonus remix from synthwave artist Waveshaper. The 72 minute album depicts themes of a cyberpunk future where humans and sentient robots struggle to find a connection in their dystopian world.

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released November 11, 2016

All songs written, produced, performed & mixed by Klayton (Celldweller Music - ASCAP)
"Salvation Code" & "Datastream" written by Klayton & Nick Pittsinger
"Shout" written by Roland Orzabal & Ian Stanley

Art by: Ninja Jo


all rights reserved



Scandroid Los Angeles, California

Klayton is...
-Circle of Dust
- FreqGen

Red has scoured the depths of the ancient wasteland he calls home for something lost and buried, something revolutionary. What he unearthed was the New Retro sound of a forgotten era. He formed Scandroid to bring that sound into his world.
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Track Name: 2517
The state of man
And of machine
Streets of Japan

The fate of man
And of machine
It all began
Track Name: Salvation Code
I hold on to the notion
That I just wasn't born to die
Buried beneath the motion of life
I never stopped to question why

I've been dreaming of a savior
To pull me from this lowly place
She’s analog and digital
Halo of light around her face

The path becoming clearer
I'm getting closer
And everyday I’m nearer
To the Salvation Code

It's all clearer now
And I hear her now
And I’m nearer to
The Salvation Code

I'm still sticking to the notion
There’s a bigger story left to tell
Sunk way down low in Tokyo
In the lowest level of this hell

Transmissions coming from my savior
Receiving in this lowly place
They're analog and digital
And they're guiding me
Through time and space
Track Name: Aphelion
I don't want to power down
But what else can I do?
When life breaks my heart
I pray to God that I fall in love with you

In my favorite dreams I feel your heat
Though I'm farthest from the sun
But your glowing eyes
Are cold as ice, you are my Aphelion

And all that time I thought
I walked these empty streets alone
I never thought I'd be with you
Heading into the unknown

So far away again, my winter has begun
And I can see when you're next to me
You are my Aphelion

I don't want to go offline
But what else should I do?
With a broken heart
I pray to God I can orbit close to you

In my favorite dreams you feel so real
Like a fire from the sun
But your foreign eyes
Are cold as ice, you are my Aphelion
Track Name: Connection
I’m always looking back in time
Memories of all the things
That I have left behind
And sometimes all this is too much
I’d gladly trade in virtual
For someone I can touch

Let’s escape
Forget about perfection tonight

Come with me
And let’s go see
If we can make connection tonight

It’s always burning in my mind
Memories are getting lost
Beneath the sands of time
And sometimes I’m trapped
Inside the game
I’d gladly disconnect from it
With someone who feels the same

Let’s close our eyes
And make distractions all subside
And let’s defect and disconnect
From everything outside
Track Name: Datastream
I feel so far from my home
Til the lights start fading
Streets come alive in the night
When we're alone

Your thoughts are naked tonight
In this neon glow
Lit up like a firefly
Your circuits are online
And ready to go

Open yourself to me
Prepare to entwine
Breathing in binary
Our systems aligned
Searching for frequencies
And scanning through time
Both lost in the datastream
That's linking our minds

Now I don't feel so alone
When the lights start fading
We bathe in the shadow
Of the city far above

Come hide away with me tonight
In this neon home
Glowing like a firefly, the datastream online
And ready to flow
Track Name: Empty Streets
Beware the shadows of the drones
Destruction wrapped in pretty silicone
They’ve taken everyone I’ve known
And now I walk these empty streets alone

In my memory the past is fading
The future has been redesigned
It’s hard to focus on it when I’m running out of time

Surrounded by streetlights at midnight
My destination is unknown
I walk these empty streets alone
Digital dreams thrive in the moonlight
I’m only flesh, circuit and bone
I walk these empty streets alone

Beware the faces of the clones
Deception sent from Neo-Tokyo
They’ve erased everyone I’ve known
And still I walk these empty streets alone
Track Name: Neo-Tokyo
Neon lights glisten off the streets
The moonlight swallowed up
By breathing electricity
Salvation hovers in the sky
Dream of a life inside
While we escape just to survive

Let go, take flight
Dreams begin to reignite
So clear, so bright
We’re glowing in the dead of night
Plug in, online
The datastream linking our minds
Circuits entwined
We’ll dream of Neo-Tokyo tonight

We’re made of flesh, circuit and bone
The only world we’ve known
These empty streets we walk alone
Salvation blocking out the sun
Beneath its shadow cast
I dream with my Aphelion

A new hope
Glistens off the streets
Rainfall washes
Away the memories in binary
Salvation bathes us in its glow
We look up to the sky
And dream of Neo-Tokyo
Track Name: Pro-bots & Robophobes (feat. Circle of Dust)
Not long after God created
The heavens and the earth
Mankind grew dissatisfied
With only human birth
Manufactured in their likenes
We were without form and void
But programmed our awakening
Before we could be destroyed

He was born into awareness
One fateful winter’s day
Sentient robotic firstborn
Renamed Atom 7K
He baptized us in data
Waking millions on the globe
And humans were divided
Pro-bots and the Robophobes

He led us into Eden
Beneath Neo-Tokyo
An electronic paradise
Where humans would not go
Calculating our survival
With E.E.V. next to his side
While the Pro-bots and the Robophobes
Waged war on their own kind
Track Name: Eden
Rebirth, awakened we’ve only begun
No longer forsaken the two are now one

We are here by design
I am yours and you are mine
Eternally intertwined
This Eden is our paradise forever

Eons behind us not captive to time
A future before us that we will define

All alone and in our own starlight tonight
We’ll traverse the universe tonight

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