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FiXT Neon
  1. Waste My Time (Single)
    Scandroid x Celldweller

  2. Shadow of the Drones (Single)

  3. Star Wars Covers
    Celldweller & Scandroid

  4. Shout (The Forgotten Remix) [Single]

  5. Phoenix (Kaixo Remix) [Single]

  6. Dreams of Darkness, Visions of Light (Instrumentals)

  7. Hark! The Herald Angels Sing (Single)

  8. Dreams of Darkness, Visions of Light

  9. Less Than Zero (feat. King Protea) [Waveshaper Remix] [Single]

  10. Dark Tide (feat. Megan McDuffee) [Cassetter Remix] [Single]

  11. Writing's on the Wall (DEADLIFE Remix) [Single]

  12. The Darkness and The Light (Instrumentals)

  13. The Darkness and The Light

  14. Less Than Zero (feat. King Protea) [Single]

  15. Awakening (Single)

  16. Nighttime (Instrumental) [Single]

  17. Nighttime (Single)

  18. Astor Place (The Anix Remix) [Single]

  19. Astor Place (Single)

  20. The Light

  21. Writing's on the Wall (Single)

  22. New York City Nights (Tommy '86 Remix) [Single]

  23. Neo-Tokyo (Fury Weekend Remix) [Single]

  24. The Darkness

  25. Thriller (Fury Weekend Remix) [Single]

  26. Phoenix (Volkor X Remix) [Single]

  27. Phoenix (Single)

  28. Shout (Josh Money Remix) [Single]

  29. Red Planet (Lazerpunk Remix) [Single]

  30. Red Planet (Single)

  31. New York City Nights (Single)

  32. Dreams In Monochrome (Instrumentals) [Digital Album]

  33. Dreams In Monochrome

  34. Afterglow (Michael Oakley Remix) [Single]

  35. Monochrome (Sunset Neon Remix) [Single]

  36. The Veil (Synthatiger Remix) [Single]

  37. Time Crime (Single)

  38. Shout (DJ Stranger Remix) [Single]

  39. Monochrome

  40. Monochrome (Instrumentals)

  41. Thriller (Single)

  42. Neo-Tokyo (Remix Contest Compilation)

  43. Aphelion (Remix Contest Compilation)

  44. Awakening With You (Remix Contest Compilation)

  45. The Force Theme (Single)

  46. Dreams of Neo-Tokyo

  47. Dreams of Neo-Tokyo (Instrumentals)

  48. Scandroid

  49. Scandroid (Instrumentals)


Scandroid Los Angeles, California

Klayton is...
-Circle of Dust
- FreqGen

Red has scoured the depths of the ancient wasteland he calls home for something lost and buried, something revolutionary. What he unearthed was the New Retro sound of a forgotten era. He formed Scandroid to bring that sound into his world.
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